Bally Artist 2014

Alex Dorici

Bally Artist 2014

The Bally Foundation particularly admires the artistic dialogue that Alex Dorici creates with the viewer in his artistic exploration of place, perception and scale, mainly through his site specific installations.

Alex Dorici was born in Lugano, Switzerland, in 1979 to Italian father and Portuguese mother. He studied painting and engraving at the Accademia di Belle Arti Aldo Galli, in Como, Italy, obtaining his degree in 2005 and has practiced chalcography at the Atelier Contrepoint in Paris.

Alex Dorici has been featured in solo and collective exhibitions in Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Portugal. His short film, "Saudade Itamar" won first prize at the Angelo Tenchio Study Competition, Como, Italy. He was named CULT Artist 2013 by RSI’s (Radio Televisione della Svizzera italiana) cultural and artistic television show CULT TV. In 2017, he received an Honorable Mention from the Académie des Lettres et Arts Luso-Suisse for his contribution to the diffusion and development of Portuguese culture abroad. Alex Dorici was named Bally Artist of the Year in 2014. He currently lives in Lugano and works between Switzerland, Portugal, Italy and France.

Alex Dorici’s site-specific installations create dialogues and interactions between urban public spaces and their communities. While his artwork bears the traces of abstractionism and Como’s architectural rationalism he learned during his studies in Como and his Parisian experience, Alex Dorici explores the relationships between time, distance and scale, transforming places and abandoned urban spaces.

His choice of material becomes part of his artistic language. Using recognizable utilitarian materials (carton boxes, adhesive tape, ropes, ultra-violet lights and photosensitive strings) he creates a dialogue with the viewer and challenges the conventional perception and way of seeing.

"Scotch drawing 05082015"
Urban installation
Paper tape
Festival del Film, Locarno, Switzerland
Photo Cesare de Vita

"Scotch Drawing 05082015" is an urban installation created by the artist during the 68th Edition of the Locarno Film Festival with the help of a grant from The Bally Foundation.

The artwork, an axonometric projection based around functional urban elements, such as manhole covers and supporting pillars, was created with adhesive tape applied to the ground, creating a witty 3D optical illusion.