Bally Shoe Museum

Bally Shoe Museum Exhibit

Once a common house where Bally’s founder, Carl Franz Bally, was born and raised, the Bally Shoe Museum in the small yet culturally vibrant town of Schönenwerd houses a collection of artifacts from 3’000 B.C., ranging from paintings to shoe fragments.

The museum opened to the public in 1942 and is considered one of the three best shoe museums in the world, according to the trusted Michelin Travel Guide, and is also proof that the Swiss are not only specialists in watches, mouth watering chocolate and good cheese.

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The collection includes shoes that caught Carl Franz Bally’s eye whilst on his travels and features sandals from Upper Egypt, one hundred year old climbing footwear, handmade silk heels, soft-soled moccasins, classical ballet pointe chaussures and even leather ice skates.

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More than ninety years of extensive research was needed to assemble the collection that takes visitors to the very point the brand began when the first Bally shoes were created in 1851.

Visitors can explore a history of 5,000 years throughout the collection giving an insight into the journey the Bally brand has been on.

Visit the museum at Oltnerstr. 6 CH - 5012 Schönenwerd


Note from the Museum: The museum can only be visited with guided tours. Individuals can visit twice monthly, on the last Friday and Saturday of every month. Groups have to book their visit in advance.

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