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Bally's new High Point collection blends fashion and function in fresh colours for a modern attitude. When it comes to transporting your belongings, these carryalls soar.

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Driven by Movement

Royal Ballet dancer Matthew Ball constantly strives to reach his highest potential. Much like the Bally Champion sneaker whose craftsmanship and performance are rivalled only by its distinct style and heritage. Bally Champions never stop performing.

Spring Stripes

A classic at Bally - the Bally Stripe named for the red and white streak formed by a Swiss train passing through the mountains - is back with fresh interpretations for the modern man.

Play to Win

A Champion knows that persistence and hard work always pay off in the end. Bally's Champion sneaker arrives for Autumn Winter in new colours.

Sharpen Up

The new women's Galaxy adds snazz to the retro styled sneaker with an exagerrated zig-zag 'shark' tooth sole.

Rock Steady

Scale new heights. Bally's favourite Galaxy sneaker now comes in a high-top style blending the comfort of a sneaker with the utility of a hiking boot, with a distinctive speckled midsole mimicking rocky terrain.

Cecyle's New Look

Ballys new iconic Cecyle bag - named for founder Carl Franz Bally's wife - is expanding her reportoire for Spring with paler shades for warm temperatures and a new smaller size for easy days.

Formal Shoes

Formal Shoes

The Bally Scribe range,
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