Welcome to the Bally Haus

A space for creative collaboration at the heart of the city

Bally Haus Opening #1

The quadrilatero della moda (Golden Quadrilateral) sits in the heart of Milan and is the source of its pulsating fashion scene. The district’s main artery is Via Montenapoleone, a street which can in many ways represent Milan itself; a city of forward innovation and often bold spectacle but also of considered craftsmanship and collaborative cultural endeavour. At such a meeting point of culture, craft and innovation is precisely where Bally feels at home.

Bally Haus Opening #2

Bridging the corner of Via Montenapoleone and Via Manzoni, Bally Haus has been designed by the renowned Casper Mueller Kneer Architects - known for designs including London’s White Cube gallery and collaborations with the Parisian fashion house Céline - with the aim of fusing Bally’s Swiss heritage and values with the character of this prestigious shopping destination. Raw limestone and warm clay bring our Alpine heritage to the urban center, while the city itself seems to flow into the ground floor which echoes a calm Milanese courtyard. Bally’s values of craft and creativity are highlighted across the three-storey space through the considered use of natural materials and nods to the abstract work of the Swiss-born artist, Paul Klee, as well as to Bally’s heritage through archival references.

Bally Haus Opening #3

Bally Haus is a space in which cultural engagement and artistic dialogue will take place and be nurtured through an ongoing collaboration with creatives, making Bally Haus a breathing space for ideas and events within its community.

Welcome to the Bally Haus.

Bally Haus Opening #4