a model mother

Alix Brown is no stranger to style. With a model for a mum, it’s no wonder that Alix’s style is as effortlessly cool – after all, it’s in the family. Bally caught up with the musician and DJ to discuss her modelling mum and her history with Bally.

a model mother

We heard that your mother used to model for Bally...
Can you tell us more about it?

Before my mom had me she did showroom modelling in Atlanta, Georgia, where I'm from. One of the designers happened to be Bally!

What’s your earliest memory of Bally?

What’s your earliest memory of Bally? My earliest memory is of searching through my mom's closet, checking out the tags and trying on her Bally shoes. Unfortunately as I grew up my feet became bigger than my mom's.

Have you been influenced by your mother’s style?

My mom's style has taught me to always be unique, a little edgy, but always classy.

What is it that you like about Bally today?

I like what Bally is today because it's blends the classic timeless style that it has always had while staying current and modern.

a model mother

Christina Brown, Alix's model mother in Atlanta, in 1976