Feeling Positively Thelma

Bally collaborates with the popular Afro-Trinidadian
and Japanese singer on a capsule collection

Thelma Aoyama

Singer Thelma Aoyama is feeling the love. In fact, the singer, whose song “Soba ni Iru ne” was a 2008 Guinness Book of World Records best-selling digital download single in Japan, is spreading her infectious good nature via a cheerful and colorful collection of favorite Bally clothing and accessories that expresses the singers core beliefs of tolerance and acceptance no matter of colour, race or sexual orientation.

“I wanted the message to be
positive and be able to reach out
to any race or any sexual gender!”

Aoyama told the Bally journal “I was designing this line while I was watching the news and I just wanted to put out some positivity with this line. So, if you put it on or have it with you, you would feel a little more confident and beautiful. I believe what you put out in the universe will always come back to you so I always try to stay positive and happy”.

The singer has taken a turn at design before but never with materials as high in quality as those at Bally. “It was such a learning experience collaborating with such a luxury brand.” The singer was not daunted by the process in designing the 8-piece collection which include involved meetings over email due to time differences between Japan and Bally’s Milan design studios. “But it was definitely more fun than challenging and I love how every product was more than I expected when it came to life” adding her appreciation to “working with such a great team was the best part of it!”

Thelma Aoyama

The collection features a special “Love More” slogan fashioned in block letters and rainbow colors amongst hearts and cartoon-style daisies which comprise the light-hearted motif.

The Suzy belt bag in white leather is given a clear PVC window flap to add mod appeal to the Sixties-influence of the bag.

The graphic Vita-Parcours sneaker with its checker board motif is fashioned in white leather with contrasting red ankle band that displays another slogan “Love is Love” on the ankle of the shoe while a rainbow of daisies snakes around the shoe just above the heel.

Creatively speaking, Aoyama loves to express herself in many ways. Besides singing, designing and styling clothes, she also is an editor-in-chief for a free magazine called “Dream Paper” where she expresses her creativity through pictures and designs all with a youthful spirit. “I just like to have fun and never stop finding myself and elevating myself.” said the singer “Whether that's through my music or my fashion or my designs. Age is definitely just a number.”

For someone who credits her favourite activities as laughing, eating and sleeping, the singer is quite busy these days preparing for the upcoming exclusive concert in the Bally Ginza flagship store and curating the special desserts that will take over the café there. “I put my favorite fruit lemon dessert on the menu which has a very refreshing taste.” She is also heading back into the studio “I’m started to get into the studio these days so hopefully I’ll be able to complete an album this year and go on tour.” Naturally you can count on some of those songs being about two very upbeat topics. “I love to sing about love and friendships!” she says with a smile on her face.