Belle du jour: the new Bally It bag

Carolyn Asome describes the classic beauty and modern design of Bally's Belle bag and gives her tips on how to style it

The Belle bag can be worn alongside the Heska trainer for a playful contrast

What does any woman do when she needs to exude an aura of snappy professionalism, elegance and oodles of femininity? She channels the 1960s, a veritable goldmine of inspiration. Bally's Belle bag, with its nod to 1960s handbag architecture is capacious, stylish and modern. Its statement gold buckle (a leitmotif, visible on Bally's Janelle babouche slipper and belts) recalls the high fashion polish of Catherine Deneuve in the iconic film, Belle du Jour.

Alongside the Janelle, the Belle fits perfectly with suiting to break the glass ceiling of style

The top handle style evokes a clean, streamlined silhouette that is reminiscent of a bygone era, yet at the same time manages the masterstroke of looking modern and classic. Dress it up or down, either way it's the perfect investment for women smashing the glass ceiling in the workplace as it is equally suitable for being carted to the farmer's market and spacious enough to transport the ephemera of modern day living, tech gadgets, gym paraphernalia, et al. The Belle clutch meanwhile, a roomy, rectangular shape, which niftily fits into the Belle top handle bag, is the perfect go-to for 24/7 dressing. It is great for after-work drinks, a cocktail dress or heels with jeans.

The Belle bag in black or taupe leather confers a sophisticated gloss on a workday corporate skirt or trouser suit as much as it adds sleekness to a minimal style outfit of mannish tailoring. Think Crombie style coats, wide-leg Katharine Hepburn-esque trousers, heels or go-anywhere flats. Currently, we're not adverse either to the matchy-matchy style maxim of teaming a Janelle buckle slipper with a bag from the same buckle family to make a style statement that packs some punch.

The large Belle is ideal for toting around for every occasion

Otherwise, consider the Belle bag in leopard print for an upbeat wardrobe addition. Over the past decade, animal patterns have become one of fashion's jazzier neutrals bestowing a sense of humour and visual interest to colour blocks or understated outfits. Call upon it to pep up a sombre palette of winter neutrals – slick suiting or double faced cashmere coating, or team it with tonally matching colours of oatmeal and shades of rich chocolate brown. For the fashion-forward maven, opt for a 'more is more' maximalist mantra that is au courant on the catwalks by pairing animal print with a cacophony of geometric pattern and an unflinching palette of bold, bright hues, purples, red, browns to celebrate the start of the new autumn season. In many ways there are no rules, so go as bold as you dare.

How you carry your bag, however, says as much about your style as the bag itself. In 2017, you don't so much carry your bag as much as 'wear' it and treat it any way other than precious. In fashion speak that means your handles should hang loose and be stashed, nonchalantly under your arm. While oversize clutches might be worn, casually scrunched in one hand in the louche, laissez-faire manner one might hold a take away brown paper bag. Style perfection.