Meet the Competition

It’s time to welcome – or rather, reintroduce – the Competition,
the third episode in a four-part series exploring the new Retro Sneakers collection.

Meet the Competition

In retrospect, the Competition doesn’t need an introduction, but rather, it requires a reintroduction.
Originally introduced in 1983, the New Competition is a like-for-like replica of the original, fresh white pair of kicks that had everyone talking in the 80s – for all the right reasons.

Featuring the same shape, lining, and sole as the original, the new Competition for him and for her still feels modern despite its age. The low-top style, the original Bally striped side detailing, the dual-toned sole – regardless of age, the ageless quality of the sneaker is resolute.
But it’s the finer details that prove the Competition’s timeless nature such as a shock absorbing polyurethane sole, as well as an extra inner sole, for true comfort; a flexible rocker heel for an easy tread; and a cushioned tongue emblazoned with the sneaker’s name to lend a finishing touch all contribute to the longevity of the shoe – even if the stark white leather goes the way of all well-loved sneakers over time.

the Bally Retro Sneakers Collection
Needless to say, the New Competition
won’t have much competition in 2018.

The reverential nature of the Competition was solidified much earlier than 2018, however –
when they made their (now-famous) music video debut in 1986, the Competition were already the Bally sneaker to own.
Thirty-five years after their introduction, it’s hard to imagine the 80s without the Competition,
let alone imagine a shoe that can withstand the test of time so easily. Needless to say, the New Competition
won’t have much competition in 2018.