Bally’s beautiful black boots

Harriet Quick discovers the fashion staple that’s having a moment – the black boot – and why Bally’s are the ones you’ll want to start walking in


Sometimes boots take a grip on the collective fashion conscious that’s impossible to shake off. The fixation right now is black boots – they stride rather than teeter and speak volumes about women’s empowerment. This autumn, they will become the favoured footwear and will be worn with everything from voluminous asymmetric dresses to sleek executive tailoring and 80s flashback cocktail wear.

When choosing a black boot, there are criteria to keep in mind. The hallmarks of Bally’s luxury are fine detailing, beautiful nappa, suede and grainy calf leathers, highly tuned toe shapes, a lean calf silhouette and a walkable and danceable heel. Thereafter, selection depends on your lifestyle; environment and what fashion mood you might be in.

For romantic souls, attracted to calf-sweeping dresses with little bodice fronts, ruffles and flounces, the Victorian-inspired Lyle ankle boot in calf leather with a slender heel and ribbon lacing is ideal. It elongates the ankle and looks adorable peeping out under skirt lengths.


The Bounty, an updated classic knee-length boot with an almond-shaped toe, and its little sister the ankle length Bellis, are perfect multi taskers. The former would complement the new snappy pencil skirt and blouse trend while the shorter version is the best fit for flaring trouser cuts. These are styles that will provide style mileage every day.

In this wildly inventive era of fashion, designers are also delivering hybrid designs that fuse different materials, prints and kinds of garments. The Bowler is a nifty ankle style with a chunky heel and fashioned in half snake skin effect leather and half suede. The snake print is also right in step with a mega trend for animal patterns.

Not since the late nineties when the supermodels adopted biker boots as a symbol of glamorous rebellion has the iconic design seemed quite so right. RiRi, Cara Delevingne, Adwoa Aboah, and Kendall Jenner are all devotees. The Gabiria is a great contender with its distinctive buckle fastening, while the Gabrielle offers a sartorial twist with ribbon laces and loafer fringes. Worn with a thigh-skimming cocktail dress in gemstone-hued satins and sequins, bikers come into their own charged with the dynamism and confidence that are hallmarks of time. For frozen climes, the fur-lined Zelinda with grip sole and an easy side zipper is a must.

The journey of the black boot is also the journey of women – maybe even more than clothes, footwear is a cipher of our times, a signifier of dreams. Black boots are dutiful servants in our lexicon of style: highly adaptable, elegant – no wonder we are smitten.