Bally X Thelma Aoyama now at Ginza Café

Thelma at Ginza cafè

In celebration of its capsule collection with Japanese pop music sensation Thelma Aoyama, The Bally Ginza flagship store will host a special pop-up cafe marking the occasion. Infusing the singers upbeat outlook, the cafe, which will be open during regular cafe hours from April 6th through June 30th, will be covered in daisies starting from the shop’s front entrance exterior windows up through the staircase up to the cafe. Upon arriving on the second level of the store where the Bally cafe rests, a wall covered in a massive rendering of the capsule collection signature scarf greets guests as they enter the cheerful Thelma-themed room outfitted in pink picnic tables and faux green grass. Over 600 daisy stickers (and many more covering the walls and tables) dot the room which will also show images of the Alps. Tables feature fresh small white flowers in vases. Sofa seating areas are spruced up with specially created Thelma-logo and coloured pillows that mimic the capsule collection. In one corner of the restaurant a picnic table will display several of the items in the collections.

Thelma at Ginza Cafè

The visual experience is topped only by the taste sensations courtesy of the singer. “I put my favourite fruit - lemon - on the menu for a very refreshing taste.” said Aoyama. Diners can choose from several drinks such as a Lemon Ginger Squash, Lemonade, Coconut Lemon Milk and Lemon Berry soda and enjoy a Tarte au Citron to eat. It’s no doubt the singer will try some of the refreshing treats. When asked by Bally to name her three favourite things in life, she gleefully answers, “Laughing, Sleeping and Eating!”

The Bally Ginza Flagship Café is open weekdays from 1pm to 8 pm and weekends and national holidays from 11am to 8pm